When there were only three networks and the FCC ruled the airwaves, use of ‘vulgar’ language could get you fined and even banned. Of course, we were all familiar with that ‘bleep’ sound of censorship. Anybody who closely watched the lips of a professional football coach on the sidelines during a TV broadcast knew that the brand of censorship applied in the early history of TV was a fig leaf over the ears of the people. Lip-readers many times rejoiced hilariously when others who lacked the ability looked on quizically.

Even George Carlin’s comic routine ‘seven words you can never say on TV’  has fallen by the wayside because of cable television and the ever proliferating way we can watch video content. So we all know what ‘shit’ is since we were about 5 or 6 years of age, many even earlier, and are aware it can be used expressively in a large number of circumstances. It’s shock value is lessening, but ‘shit’ is still very expressive for a many situations, especially politics.

So get ready all you gadfly’s, barfly’s, and any other shit pile sitting flybrain’s. We’ll be conjuring up a big pile of do-do for you. Fuck the FCC… but that’s a whole other shit-storm for another blog.